Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our products or services? We have listed the most frequently asked questions here and hope that you will find an answer to your concern. If any questions remain unanswered, please feel free to write to us. We are happy to be of service to you.

Frequently asked questions about our ice cream

Ingredients and manufacturing processes are aimed at the best possible results for taste and consistency. Due to the highest requirements by our customers from the ice cream parlor sector, we are motivated to constantly refine all ice cream varieties. Passion, know-how, selection of ingredients and the required technology make our ice cream unique.

Each type of ice cream deserves its own best-tasting ingredient. Simple example: for banana ice cream, we peel and puree ripe bananas. The mango puree comes from India and the cocoa for the chocolate ice cream from the Ivory Coast. Following the principle "Quality first!", we select all ingredients and still pay attention to sustainable packaging and the shortest possible transport routes. That's why the whole milk also comes from local pasture farms in our region.

Yes! The fresh whole milk is the main ingredient of many of our ice cream varieties. It is delivered to us daily in tankers from the Ammerland dairy. More than 3 million litres of pasture milk are used in our specialties every year.

We have detailed the important information such as ingredients, nutritional values and allergens for each ice cream product on our website.

After production we guarantee a minimum shelf life of 24 months. We produce each type of ice cream fresh several times a year and for this reason we do not have ice cream that spends too long in storage. When our ice cream makes its way from the freezer to the ice cream display case, good practice decides how often this process can be repeated without any problems.

Frequently asked questions about delivery and transport

All ice cream products are stocked in a large deep-freeze warehouse in Oyten near Bremen. We route your orders there via IT systems and the competent and experienced staff compile your orders the following day. Immediately afterwards, the goods are loaded for onward transport to your region. This is followed by onward transport to you, again while maintaining the cold chain.

What are the options? A great advantage for you is our personal consultation. You can simply order by phone and check seasonal offers or get further tips and information from our friendly staff. If you are already sufficiently informed, simply use our ordering options via e-mail or WhatsApp to be in direct contact with our team.

Depending on the distance from our warehouse location near Bremen, deliveries can take 2-4 business days.

Frequently asked questions about our hospitality sector services

If you set the display case to the lowest possible temperature after closing time, this is theoretically possible. However, we strongly recommend that you turn off the ice cream showcase to defrost it. This gives you the opportunity to clean the inside of the ice cream showcase. Smooth the ice cream, carefully remove impurities from the edges of the trays and put the trays with lids into the storage cabinet. The best ice cream deserves proper and clean handling.

Through our excellent network we have a wide range of contacts for all areas of gastronomy. We are happy to provide these contacts and help you with them. However, our core business is exclusively the ice cream production and distribution of Bruno's Gelato.

Frequently asked questions about our company

Bruno Lucchetta is the founder and managing director of Bruno Gelato in Rhauderfehn. Bruno is Italian and comes from the province of Venice. He is a lover of good food and and very much a family man. He likes to travel with his wife Heidi and is a lover of other cultures.

Since Bruno is very open in spirit to other cultures, there was nothing to prevent a production site for the manufacture of Italian ice cream in East Frisia. Ice cream in East Frisia nothing stands in the way. In the town of Rhauderfehn there is also the ice cream café/restaurant "Bei Bruno", where a selection of over 70 types of ice cream in the ice cream display case delights the guests.