Innovative ice cream
from manufacturer & supplier Bruno Gelato

From the manufacturer directly: High-quality ice cream in gelateria style for unforgettable moments of indulgence.

More than three decades ago, our success story began as a small ice cream manufacturer in a humble gelateria, and today, Bruno Gelato is globally recognized as a producer of exceptional quality Italian branded ice cream. Our family-owned and tradition-oriented company, led by Heidi and Bruno Lucchetta and based in the heart of East Frisia, creates irresistible ice cream flavors using authentic Italian recipes, ensuring the highest quality standards reminiscent of gelaterias.

As a manufacturer and supplier of innovative ice cream, we only use the finest ingredients such as creamy pasture milk, exquisite Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and select cocoa from West Africa to create over 80 unique ice cream flavors. Our expertise as ice cream makers and the use of top-quality ingredients ensure that you can enjoy the unmatched taste in each of our varieties.

Bruno Gelato, signature of Bruno Lucchetta

- Bruno Lucchetta -

Decorated ice cream scoops from manufacturer & supplier Bruno Gelato.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we create for you a high-quality ice cream at the highest level

Our ice cream products, as a dessert ice cream manufacturer, are made according to traditional recipes and are characterized by an exceptional creaminess and a full milk content of up to 70 percent. By using the best ingredients for the ice cream, we create a branded ice cream with an incomparably smooth texture and an outstanding taste. Each serving of ice cream is individually decorated with great attention to detail, making you immediately crave to swing the ice cream scoop for the next scoop of ice cream. In our range of over 80 artistically decorated flavors, you will always find the perfect selection for your guests and ice cream parlor.

4 Compelling Reasons to Choose Our Ice Cream

100% premium

Ice cream made according to the original Italian recipe, using high-quality ingredients and up to 70% whole milk content.

100% versatile

Large ice cream (including vegan) selection, regular creation, and development of new innovative ice cream flavors.

100% creamy

Especially creamy ice cream achieved through the use of state-of-the-art technology in ice cream production, with a maximum air incorporation of 50%.

100% certified

Ice cream production according to current HACCP standards, certified according to IFS (International Featured Standard Food).

You would like to use our know-how and advice to your exclusive advantage?

Bruno Gelato supports you as a restaurateur

We support you as a restaurateur

Offer your guests new taste experiences with ice cream and attract new customers to your ice cream parlor with convincing overall concepts. As a professional ice cream manufacturer, we support you with comprehensive services and all-encompassing advice through our all-inclusive service.

From the initial idea to strategic planning and all the way to a successful ice cream parlor opening - rely on your personal contact person who will accompany you in every step. Become part of our 1500+ partners from the gastronomy and wholesale industry and benefit from our expertise in the ice cream business.

Ice Cream Delight that Convinces with Numbers

Employees work diligently every day to perfect the taste of our branded ice cream.
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We process annually a liter of regional pasture milk from Germany
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We were able to acquire new customers as ice cream manufacturers in 2022 - we are very pleased about that
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We have already incorporated Indian mango puree into our ice cream production in 2022.
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Customers from the gastronomy and retail sectors trust in our craftsmanship as ice cream producers
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It all started with the love of ice cream

Driven by love, Bruno Lucchetta decided to move from the province of Venice to East Frisia in Germany over 30 years ago, where he and his wife Heidi opened the ice cream parlor "Bei Bruno." The innovative ice cream from Rhauderfehn quickly became "talk of the town."

Bruno Gelato quickly gains attention both regionally and nationally, evolving into an independent brand of ice cream. It has now established itself as a medium-sized family business with nationwide influence as a manufacturer and supplier.

Bruno Gelato, Heidi and Bruno Lucchetta sitting on a Vespa

Our brand ice cream is also available
in retail stores

Got a taste for ice cream?

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Our Ice Cream

With a huge lead, vanilla-flavored ice creams are still the best-selling ice cream! This success is not by chance, as vanilla not only captivates with its distinctive taste but also its outstanding quality. Close behind are chocolate and stracciatella, which are also renowned for their delicious flavors and top-notch quality. Among the fruity varieties, strawberry enjoys the greatest popularity, followed by mango and lemon, which impress with their freshness and quality.
In Rhauderfehn, East Frisia, we produce high-quality ice cream in various flavors and sizes in our ice cream production. Our premium products are the result of many years of experience and expertise in the gastronomy industry.

Regarding the selling price at ice cream parlors or ice cream cafés, we cannot provide any information as the wholesaler determines the price at which they offer our gelato products, including ice cream cups and ice cream supplies.

Depending on the distance to our warehouse near Bremen, delivery of our products for the gastronomy and wholesale sector may take 2-4 working days.